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Road Closure Information

For the safety of the general public, our volunteers, and competitors, temporary road closures and/or traffic restrictions may be in effect during the running of the event.

Please be advised that a car rally will be conducted in the surrounding state forests of Beaufort, Raglan, Waterloo and Chute on Sunday 25th August from 8am to 4.00pm.

This motorsport event is sanctioned by the Confederation of Australian Motorsport with approvals from DELWP, Shire of Pyrenees, City of Ballarat, VicRoads and is supported by State Government of Victoria and Victoria Police.

There will be Increased traffic in these areas on Saturday 24 August. Road closures for competition will be in place on Sunday 25 August during these hours on the following forest roads and tracks:

Mt Cole State Forest (6am -4pm)

  • Main Mt Cole Road from the State Forest boundary to Water Race Road 
  • Water Race Road between Main Mt Cole Road and Lower Wimmera Road
  • McGee Road between Water Race Road and Grazing Right Road
  • Grazing Right Road between McGee Road and Water Race Road 
  • Lower Wimmera Road between Water Race Road and 36 Lower Wimmera Road

Lonarch State Forest (7am – 5pm)

  • Mt Lonarch Road between Raglan-Elmhurst Road and Miller Flat Road
  • Miller Flat Road between Mt Lonarch Road and Link Road
  • Link Road between Miller Flat Road and Tower Road
  • Tower Road between Link Road and Fortes Road
  • Ridge Road between Fortes Road and Red Hill Track
  • Red Hill Track between Ridge Road and 53 Red Hill Track

Musical Gully/Camp Hill State Forests (7:30am – 5:30pm)

  • Musical Gully Road from 292 Musical Gully Road to Camp Hill Road
  • Camp Hill Road between Musical Gully Road and King Street

Beaufort Township

Under Local Law Permit 0784 the Willoby and Livingstone Streets will be closed to public vehicle access from 6pm Saturday August 24.

The roads will re-open no later than 9pm Sunday August 25. Landowners will be provided an access pass to permit access during these times.

Public Spectating and Viewing Points

There will be free public forest spectator points and public will be able to walk through the service park in Beaufort.

Information will be made available on the event website and on the day from the Event Headquarters at the Berripmo Development Centre at Lawrence St, Beaufort on the day.