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The Pedders Eureka Rush as 2 Spectator points, and 1 enthusiasts point.

Download the full Spectator Guide here, Best viewed printed A3 double sided.

Remember to take care on the stages – Expect the unexpected. Disclaimer: Exclusion of Liability, Release and Assumption of Risk. Motorsport is Dangerous.

  • Public are directed to view cars whilst standing within the markers indicating the limited of the controlled public area – viewing outside those areas indicated are prohibited
  • Pubic must not stand in prohibited areas, and must at all times stand behind the bunting or barriers which mark the public area.
  • The instructions of the Spectator Marshalls must be obeyed. The Spectator Marshall has the power to have a stage postponed until the Public View Point is controlled to his/her satisfaction.
  • It is prohibited to ignore the public instructions and find your own way around. Not only is there a danger of meeting up with an oncoming off road vehicle, but many roads have wash-aways, collapsed bridges etc, which are potentially hazardous for the driver. The main public route has been surveyed and is safe.

BWEZ Super Special Stage – Saturday 24th August

ACCESS: Airport Road, Mitchell Park – Follow event signage

FREE TICKETED EVENT: Get your tickets here

The BWEZ Super Special Stage will be a day and evening full of fun an excitement.

With The Eureka Sprint during the daylight hours, a mix of cars will drive over the specially design tarmac stage racing against the clock from 10am.

From 4pm the BWEZ Food Truck Fair will power up into life and so to will the 2019 Pedders Eureka Rush, with the Offical Start and Welcome to Country Ceremonies commencing at 4.45pm.

Soon afterwards, and running in reverse order, the Pedders Eureka Rush will get under way. Action will continue through to approx 9pm.

Limited disabled parking available, please contact via info@eurekarush.com.au for access information.

Beaufort Service Park – Sunday 25th August

ACCESS: FREE, Albert Street, Beaufort

The country town of Beaufort will host competitors, and the all important service crews, who’ll get a couple of opportunities to work their magic on the rally cars during the day.

The service park is a great opportunity to see the cars up close, and grab a quick photo with the drivers and co-driver before they head back out to tackle the forest stages.

A great selection of places to eat and drink and have a stop before heading out into the forest for spectating.

Beaufort is also the location for the Event Podium and champaign spray – The question is, who can handle the rush and stand on top at the end of a compact and fast day of rallying.

Forest Spectating – Sunday 25th August

To see a rally car in it’s native environment, you need to be at one of the two forest spectator points, or our enthusiast point in Beaufort. The two forest points will offer basic amenities with food & coffee available, with our third enthusiast point rewarding those who make the steep walk up hill.

Spectator Point 1: Water Race

ACCESS: Beaufort-Elmhurst Road

Competitors are revealed during a fast right hand approach, as they step onto the brakes for a tight left hand hairpin corner that goes down hill.

Over shoot the hairpin on the exit, and there’s a nice gully awaiting to catch them!

Viewing is from an elevated position, and requires a short walk from the carpark location. Wheel chair & disability access is limited.

First car due @ 10am and then again @ 1:40pm

Spectator Point 2: Musical Gully

ACCESS: West end of Musical Gully Road

Competitors approach on a fast sweeping left hand corner from the forest and step heavily onto the brakes into a tight 90 degree left hand corner, before stepping back on the power up the hill and into the forest.

The apex of the corner is angled, so crews who cut with speed risk getting onto two wheels.

There are multiple viewing angles, with a controlled cross-over to allow spectating from the inside of the corner.

Access is via a short walk from the car parking area, and into a light forested area.

First car due @ 11am and then again @ 2:45pm

Spectator Point 2: Musical Gully

Enthusiasts Spectator Point 1: Camp Hill

Looking over the township of Beaufort, and the event Service Park, the Camp Hill enthusiasts point offers a spectacular view and rewards those who make the steep 400 meter walk up the hill.

This enthusiast point offers an opportunity to see vehicles run along a ridge line approach, before braking into a series of medium right then left hand corners – the last few corners of Heat 1 and Heat 2 of the event.

Parking is from the town of Beaufort along Albert Street (north side of railway line).

First car due @ 11.05am and then again @ 2:50pm

Please note that expected arrival times are estimates, and subject to change. For all the latest information visit Facebook.com/EurekaRush

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