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Pedders Suspension & Brakes

We’re super excited to have Pedders Suspension & Brakes joining us as we host Round 4 of the CAMS Australian Rally Championship & Round 5 of the Victorian Rally Championship in Ballarat, August 24 & 25.

Pedders now has over 120 locations Australia wide, most of which are franchised. Pedders has recently expanded its export markets to now include shipments to distributors in Korea, Mauritius, Europe, The Middle East, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya, South Africa, Malaysia, China, Cyprus & the U.S.A. Pedders employs over 500 people Australia-wide and has suspension products for the majority of vehicles on our roads today.  

This large, multinational automotive company has come a long way from a backyard welding shop, and most if not all of this growth has been due to the determination, dedication and foresight of our most important asset – their people.

To get the ride that’s right for you from Australia’s number 1 Brake, Steering & Suspension Specialist, visit www.pedders.com.au